giving back

We are proud to tell you that every year we will be donating 1% of our turnover to charity.

So when you purchase something lovely from Wunderlang you will not only be supporting the environment by buying from sustainable brand but you will also be supporting a fantastic cause.

Our chosen charity this year is - KIND.


With values such as 'Understanding the importance of the environment and a healthy lifestyle forms a major part of the learning experience with KIND. Sustainability, Recycling and Health are keywords in the KIND learning process.'

Also tackling social issues such as 'help local disadvantaged children to: improve their self-confidence; develop their education and skills; re-engage with education; think creatively; live healthily and develop a sense of social responsibility; tackle bullying, racism, hate crime and anti social behaviour.'

KIND supports thousands of disadvantaged children, and families, many living in poverty, across Liverpool and Greater Manchester. 

KIND is a Liverpool based Children's Charity that believe's in the importance of investing in the future - our children.

We couldn't think of a better investment.

For more information on the fantastic work KIND are doing please visit their website..