care instructions


Care for me…

Each item comes in its own 100% Organic Cotton bag, this can be used for washing and storing your garments. Washing your item in the bag protects the material from snagging when tumbling against other items of clothing in the machine. By storing it in the bag once dry, this will protect it from Moths and other hungry little insects which love the taste of natural fibres. 

We know hand washing is unrealistic for busy parents, so we have tested all our Wunderlang garments on 30 degree machine cycle. We recommend using non biological detergant and softner. Wash with similar colours. Do not tumble dry. Safe for Ironing on silk setting.

Please note that all the material we use comes from garments we recycle. Sometimes we receive items which have flaws or defects. We embrace these faults and make a feature through hand embroidery and appliqué. We believe that nothing good should go to waste and this makes all of our items special and unique. 

Every button is sewn on by hand using the greatest of care. If  you notice a button coming loose, which can happen with wear and washing, remove and re- apply before wear is continued to avoid choking hazards.